Saturday, September 22, 2012

Me, Swamp Thing, and Film School

my favorite comic-panel of all time
I'm in school again...
& that's why I've been a SUPER-SLACK-ASS on my own blog.
I still love you, Swamp Thing but having been accepted to my local Screen Arts program, I've had to double and re-double my efforts to make this crazy life I've chosen work out properly.

Am disappointed to not be able to attend the Swampy Reunion happening in Cincinnati but ultimately my path will lead me to more FREEDOM in the world of nerdy-obsessery...

I won't miss another chance to meet those crazy geniuses ..if that happens again ..ever ...on Earth.

I'll be back here very soon for the 2 or 3 souls who care..
Peace, and keep reading Swamp Thing - he's pretty groovy.