Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Swampy... Moviestar!!

Okay, which Swamp Thing do you prefer?


Then of course there's the Television version, which ran for a rather surprising three years...

Most of DC's "Heavy Hitters" haven't seen so many screen incarnations, and rumour has it we may see a reboot film pretty soon. I had a great chat with the most excellent Len Wein about it, but legalities are apparently the issue. We'll see..

Man, my show ran almost as long as Star Trek.
I imagine they'll do him in CG - I'm of two minds on that one - as in, may suck - may not, but hey - it's Swamp Thing - Bring it on..

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  1. You know, they each have their pluses and minuses, but it's all about Dick Durock.