Friday, February 3, 2012


Every Super-hero needs a foil, if you will..
Superman has Lex, Batman has the Joker, and by #2 of his original series, Swamp Thing had acquired his own brilliant evil nemesis in Dr. Anton Arcane.

Peter Cushing would have played ARCANE.
His first incarnation is like something out of a Hammer film ...ancient, gothic ...almost Victorian.
Swampy kicks his ass, just barely..
..but #10 see's the resurrection of Uncle Anton, and it aint pretty.

This, I do believe, was the first time I encountered a "bad guy"'s introduction, then his first "return appearance" as an honest surprise - AWESOME.
I can still hear Eye in the Sky by Alan Parsons Project - I was young..

Arcane's monstrous evil is now reflected in the hideous visage of his new face - new body - one better equipped per se..

A beautiful issue, with Wrightson at his macabre best - Gothic Arcane, having hunted Swampy all the way to the Southern States of America, with his FREAKS-inspired Un-Men ...and the ghosts of America's past.
Brilliant work and the final of the 10 issues W&W did together.
Wow, talk about going out with a bang. Very good Story.

It would be almost 10 years later before we'd see ol' Arcane again, and more monstrous than ever..

Arcane would keep returning, and evolving - his meeting with Swamp Thing in Hell is fantastic..
and the new 52 Swampy get's it own Arcane with William - the son of ___ 
...pretty fun so far.
Nice to have Swampy back in the DCU, and fighting an Arcane - Proper.

Cheers, A.


  1. Arcane!! I always kinda felt like he lived in the swamp behind the house. Only on hot summer nights though..
    He was a bad guy that never got tired or overdone, he maintained his 'creep.'

  2. Well said, Patrick.
    They say a hero is only as good as his villain - Swampy has one of the best, and worst..
    He might still be out in those woods.. ..plotting..