Monday, March 12, 2012

Batman and Swamp Thing - BFF?

Our favorite muck-encrusted monster has met all sorts of DC characters over the years - the good, the bad, and the ugly..
but Batman seems to be the go-to guy for ol' Swampy, with many a meeting since the good 'ol seventies:

First Encounter: Swamp Thing #7 - This is one of the Wein/Wrightson issues so it goes without saying that it's a quality book for the pedigree alone, but Swampy's first encounter with Batman is a great jumping-on issue for Bat-fans - you'll love the Dark Knight's depiction, but you'll definitely want to find the six ST issues before this one.
Wicked single issue.

Second: The Brave and the Bold #122 - Fun one, but pretty disposable.

Third: The Brave and the Bold #176 - Another "fun" one, but noteworthy for the fact that Martin Pasko is the writer ...just honing his skills for 1982 when he'd do "Saga".

Fourth: Swamp Thing(SAGA series) #46 - Brief encounter, more to support CRISIS than tell a Swampy/Bats story.

Fifth: Swamp Thing(SAGA series) #53 - Now this is an encounter. Much like BSG in it's first two seasons, we have Swampy and Bats on two sides of one issue - with no obvious solution.

What makes the Batman say "uh-oh"?
I love that panel - with Moore writing and Tottleben drawing, this is a brilliant issue ...and definitely the roughest meeting of the two minds.

LOVE this cover.
Sixth: Swamp Thing(SAGA series) Annual #4 - Interesting story, lacking only for the Bissette/Tottleben superteam(they do one moody broody Batman..), with Swamp Thing helping Batsy - similar to DC Comics Presents #85, when ST helped Superman out of a jam, somewhat anonymously I seem to remember.

Seventh: Swamp Thing(SAGA series) Annual #5 - Batman and Swamp Thing seem to like Annuals quite a bit, or at least hanging out together in them - the extra space I guess..
Weird issue from Neil Gaiman featuring the return of Brother Geek - strange but cool, with a Batman cameo to boot.

Eighth: Batman #522 - Kind of a strange one-off with Killer Croc, Bats and Swampy in the everglades. I like Doug Moench's writing, but the art is the most interesting element - Kelley Jones was one of the few really cool things about 1990s comic books. I'm willing to bet he's a Wrightson fan too..

Ninth: I predict Batman will make an appearance in The New 52's Swamp Thing before #12 - good bet considering Scott Snyder writes both titles, and gotta say - he's knocking this fan's socks off, but I'll do a post on Mr.SS very soon.

Cheers, A.

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  1. I will agree to Ben Affleck being bat man if they make a movie out Swamp Thing(SAGA series) #53 and swamp thing beats the living crap out of him.