Saturday, March 17, 2012

Comic Book Men

Okay, they haven't mentioned Swamp Thing yet, but here's hoping...

It's Kevin Smith's goofy TVshow about the crew/friends populating Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash Comic Book Store - wow, that's a mouthful...
Part podcast/radio and part shoptalk, it features "goldmine" comic finds and some pretty snappy banter..

I love this show, and it's proving to be somewhat inspirational - this, combined with the Fire and Water Podcast will directly inform some work to come - My Show ...mooo hooo ha ha ha ha haaaaa...

It's genuinely funny full nerd embrace ...check it out.


  1. I haven't seen the show yet, but I hear it's pretty funny. I gotta find a copy of the most recent show and check out that Firestorm comment.

    Keep up the great work here!

    The Irredeemable Shag

  2. I think you'll dig it, man ...I likes smart nerds I does..