Friday, March 23, 2012

Weeerd Cover of the Week #12

Now, this is a strange one.
I'll have to search it out, but Paul Gulacy on Swampy? ...odd choice me thinks..

There are a handful of artists out there I would describe as "detail-oriented" ..very controlled lines..
Including Art Adams, Dave Gibbons, George Perez, and the one I'd've put at the top'd be Mr. Paul Gulacy.
His work is generally precise, and I find these guys have the hardest time with ol' Swampy..
BUT I haven't seen the work(other than this) so I'll have to decide once I find 'em.
The cover above is pretty cool, and a little magazine-y, so it really works, and it's a bit more organic than I'm used to with him - damn good comic artist we will see.

I'll look for The Swamp Thing Movie Portfolio in New York this fall, whilst hunting for awesome creator-interviews to film for my VIDEO BLOGS ...coming soon..



  1. I love Gulacy, especially from this period, and hope you dig up more of his Swampy!

  2. I posted all four plates on my tumblr a while back.

    Here is the link:

  3. Thanks John - I'd actually just popped on here to do a little research about New York and a story I'm writing - LOVE those Gulacy plates - must have them - cheers