Friday, March 16, 2012

WeIrD cOvEr Of ThE wEeK #eLeVeN

Noteworthy for the fact that it seems to be the single Swampy image in print by legendary UK genius, Brian Bolland..
..and it's not even his whole face ..sheesh..
I no longer have this one, but am finding myself oddly interested in reading it again. It takes place in what I call the "denouement" years after Alan Moore's phenomenal run. This is not to say that everything went downhill, buuuuut I do feel the book never found totally solid footing again.
'Til 2011 that is, but my renewed interest in this single issue stems from it's host of DC Silver/Bronze-Age guest stars..

Including Gorilla Grodd, Monsieur Mallah, The Brain ..and just about every ape character they've got - very cool, gotta reread this one.

Soooo wish Bolland had drawn just one whole issue..
but damn, if that isn't one weird/awesome cover.