Wednesday, August 8, 2012

REVIEW: Animal Man #12 Oct//2012

Wow, I didn't expect that.

I enjoyed this issue of Animal Man more than #12 of Swampy.
This is my review of Animal Man #12, which is the first part of a crossover between these two title characters, and so far it's pretty good.

"It seems our paths have been entwined. We have been struggling against the same thing ..or at least some variation of it ...the Rot."
Swamp Thing(Animal Man #12)

I liked the writing very much - it's a double-team with AM's Jeff Lemire and ST's Scott Snyder, and it's quite strong in both dialogue and pacing - fact is, the art and story are slightly better that Swampy #12. This bugs me a bit for the fact that Swamp Thing NEEDS a very strong artist/team or the book just won't fly. I hope DC wizens to this very very soon.

The setup is fun as Buddy and his family interact and go to see Swampy - that talking cat, man - I like it, but it's the family dynamic I really liked - it's good, and it left Swampy's book feeling a bit thinner. Granted, we got Swampy family adventures in the 80's but even I didn't like a married version with kids was blandly weird. Swampy's title needs more faces ..old and new.

But I digress yet again - Big fan of Steve Pugh's "look" for Swamp Thing, and I'll have a post up about his appearance very soon - Swampy thru the Ages...
Cool Abby - cool art.

Anyway, good issue - good team-up, and I'm going to make a purchase next week of the New 52 Animal Man Collection.
I've always enjoyed the character but never bought it. Hopefully I can get it, read it, and review AM #13 which will be out soon, featuring Part 3 of Rotworld.

Good time to start buying both books, you slackers..


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