Thursday, August 16, 2012

REVIEW: House of Secrets #92 July//1971

What a cool memory, reading this again - it's been some years, and adventures since, reminding me that our perspective on the things we love evolves as we age. Yesterday was my birthday, and I'm enjoying the eyes of my life to this point - sadly also reminded I need glasses to use 'em but hey..
I found House of Secrets #92 courtesy of a friend at Wilkie's Wonderful World comic shop way back in the early '80s ..shortly after becoming a huge fan via the then new Saga of the Swamp Thing.
It was a little banged up - missing some pages in fact but..
it did have the short story titled Swamp Thing complete and intact so I was very happy - this, combined with haggling a great deal of course.

I wasn't much of a horror fan, but I loved good rich storytelling from ..well, birth - youth way back anyway, and this was moody well-written stuff..

"I move slowly through the moss-draped mire - treading a path that is worn smooth from my constant passing -- On beyond the shadows and the dark trees' twisting tendrils to my inevitable destination..." 
To be savoring that Wrightson art as you're soaking up Wein's prose - both drenched in atmosphere - both clean and concise - absolutely perfect comic book storytelling and so evocative of EC Comics' best it's almost unreal. This issue is maybe the finest bridge between DC and EC ever published - featuring art and story by two of the industry's most respected, and a story that wouldn't be moment out of place had it been published in Tales from the Crypt. I suspect it would be just as adored - maybe more, but then we might not have seen a certain someone get his own comic book.


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