Wednesday, July 18, 2012

REVIEW: Swamp Thing #11 Sept//2012

Really good issue, but good in a different way - a point I'll come back to.

The story is the second part of last month's "Return of Arcane" blast from the past, and a superior issue for sure, though I appreciate saving the juiciest stuff for the second half of any good tale.
Regardless, this one more than any other yet, felt as though it could almost slide into the old '80s run. Now that's not meant to disparage this run, but most of us hold that time up as the best in the book's history. Personally, I feel Alan Moore, Steve Bissette and John Tottleben simply matched, then evolved the work of Wein and Wrightson.

This particular issue feels very "night" if you get what I mean - shadowy, creepy ..the Swampy this cat really digs.
I love how comic-booky it's been since the reboot but it's the macabre that has to form the title's spine, and this issue rolls around in it. It feels a bit dirty, like some of Stephen King's best work. Fact is, Swamp Thing can't be too "clean" a book in story or art, or it feels like "product" instead of lasting story.

This particular issue is just slightly different, and this is the exact direction I'm hoping for with this title - it's been a long time since we've seen a ground-level Swamp Thing(not an omniscient plant-elemental) fighting horrors we can't imagine.

I'm liking the Return of Arcane quite a bit this round, and gotta state again for the record what a good time I'm having buying Swampy monthly again.

Cheers, A.

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