Friday, April 13, 2012

Careful what you wish for...

Like lots of nerds out there, I've hoped and wished for a great many things...
A short list might include:

*New Star Wars films - wow, where to begin - I don't really consider those junky prequels to even be films.

*Another INDY - Yowsa again.

*A GIJoe movie - It was lame, but at least Pt.2 looks kinda fun..

*Terminator 4 - ugh

*More WKRP - Don't bother.

*A new improved costume for Superman - Alright, why the hell is Supes in armour?  dumb..dumb..

Obviously, this is the sort of wishful thinking that could damage a young man's faith in all things geeky, but wait...


One of the things even Artie dared not dream of was:
 *A new and excellent Swamp Thing comic book that wouldn't retcon Alan Moore's work, but might have the fuckin' balls to move past it and take the character somewhere new again.

HATS OFF to DC Comics for their New 52 Swampy - it's better than I had the balls to hope for, and looking at DC's upcoming covers today, I see it's only going to get cooler.
VERY VERY impressed with the JJ Abrams-esque restart that kept everything in place - Brilliant.

And look who's back...
That's right - Uncle Anton - the yin to Swampy's yang...
He's looking kinda "Patchwork Man"ish ...curious, and awesome.

Of course Arcane's return is inevitable, but I find myself feeling excited for the issues I did as a boy.
Valuable state of mind.

Very happy about the current direction of my ol' green buddy.
Thanks, DC.


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