Friday, April 20, 2012

Weird cover of the week #16

Vampires need invites - Demons make an entrance!!

What's the big deal? That's just how Etrigan enters a room.

The Monkey King issues were a lot of fun - very Stephen King-ish - in fact, I'm working on a more elaborate post about what I believe to be some of Alan Moore's specific literary inspirations - pretty sure Mr. King was one of them.

But I digress..
This story boasted a very interesting interpretation of both Jason Blood and the Demon, Etrigan - those rhymes alone - fantastic, but Mr. Moore obviously had a love of some of DC's lesser know spiritual characters. I haven't read that issue of WW, but the Phantom Stranger a la Bissette, Tottleben and that crazy Brit writer is by far the coolest he's ever been done - Swampy's second annual is like Christmas for any fan of DC's more magical cats.
And at this point(the issue above) the relationship between Swamp Thing and Abby is pre-Rite of Spring - makes for some damn good reading watching the two gravitate towards actual romance.
The early issues by this tri(the ST Superteam) feel like the "first season" if you will - bit more raw here and there, and I'm a big fan of the early days of any cool property. I bet it was exciting for all three to see what they were creating together - it was for us.

Try the swordfish.

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