Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Swamp Thing's G H O S T D A N C E

That's right.
The Blog from the Bog returns in style - midnight to be precise, and it's a spooky one...
Happy to be part of a fantastic CROSSOVER...

...a SUPERNATURAL one...

This is a big crossover event, with DC comics well represented by their respective spectral tales and I can't wait to read 'em.

Below are links to the whole shebang - a whole bunch of bloggers doing crazy Halloween posts going up at the same time - awesome.
...and who knows? ..we might just make the press(nerd press) which is always fun. BIG THANKS to Chad@Lantercast - Well Done, Sir.

Regardless, this is a blast and a great way to discover all sorts of scary stories; ones you might not have heard of, and these are some fun blogs - good laughs, and good writing.

And on to the Swamp Thing starring in GHOST DANCE ...a sweet little tale from Alan Moore, way back in the good ol' '80s. It's excellent. It was #45, and I do remember liking that "Wild West" cover - Swampy's lucky - he looks cool in weird spots, and DC is so good at weird covers, but I digress..

Part of the fabled "American Gothic" run, this "ghost story in a haunted house" features a couple wandering the home of the Cambridge Family - legendary gun builders stepping in for perhaps another famous family..
Anyway, it is creepy as hell and Alan Moore at his best(before the book got a little bogged down so to speak)

the details are rich - the story unfolds perfectly, and I sooo loved reading it again.

There's nothing like truly good writing in a ghost story. Stan Woch and Alfredo Alcala cover the art chores, and though the superteam is missed, they do a great job with the western tone, and it's a good-looking issue.

Swamp Thing plays his heroic part, and his resolution is brilliant, but the issue works as a nice standalone read too. You should read it, then send it to someone who's never read the book - if they like it, then send them the Bissette and Totleben stuff.

The very end is like a Tales from the Crypt moment - just cool.

I'm so glad Swamp Thing is a really strong book these days - looking forward to more ghost stories in the bog..
Now, I'm off to read all the CROSSOVERS...
what a list, Holy Moley...

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* "What Creeps Out The Creeper?" @ DC Bloodlines

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* "Happy Halloween" @ I Am The Phantom Stranger

* Martian Manhunter in "Heart's Afire" @ The Idol-Head of Diabolu

* "Legend of Driq" @ Indigo Tribe

* The Vixen in "Role Model" @ Justice League Detroit

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* The Spectre in "Zor" @Siegel & Shuster: Mythmakers

* "High-Speed Hauntings" @ Speed Force

..and Happy Halloween!!!