Monday, December 2, 2013

REVIEW: Swamp Thing #25 Jan//2014

..if only for the art - check it out.

That's not a shot at the writing, which is lively and pretty fun - nope - just a huge appreciation for this artwork - Jesus Saiz has the best grasp of Swampy since Bissette and Tottleben - really really nice - worth buying.

Now for the story.
DC has done a funny thing with the character of Swamp Thing with this New 52 stuff. His continuity still exists because he has his backstory intact..
he's new at the same time. It's a bit like Star Trek's sequel/reboot in that Alec Holland is now the Swamp Thing - body and soul oddly for the first time. He has met the "Swamp Thing" of the Moore era who's discovery of his non-Alec Holland-ness made the book into what it was.
The current storyline is where it gets very strange. I'll call the current Swampy Alec for the sake of clarity - so Alec is fighting a character by the name of Seeder..
- a rival for the affections of "the Green", and not a bad antagonist, but here's where it gets weird - he's Jason Woodrue - not the Jason Woodrue Floronic Man but a young ex-student of Professor Holland's. That means that the Alan Moore Swamp Thing battled Jason Woodrue in the '80s, then his 2013 Alec Holland version encounters/battles a rebooted incarnation. If Alec has Moore Swampy's memories, does he remember the other Woodrue, and does that make him, like Batman, a bridge between the two DC Universes?
but it doesn't deter from enjoying the book immensely. It's just plain fun - so so cool to have the book continue to surprise.

I look forward to Swampy every month, and this one was a treat.
- again, you have to read this issue - just gorgeous.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

New Characters in Swampy's World...

Well well...                                                                 

Burgher Thing - weird weird, and I kinda love it...

If only the powers-that-be could get a tie-in with Burger King...
..ahhh well.

Happy to say I'm liking the new issues more and more. Looking forward to the ARCANE special of FOREVER EVIL - I suspect DC are up to something truly radical this time - I soooo hope so, and as usual, I find myself wondering how Swamp Thing will be affected.

Good times.

Monday, April 29, 2013

REVIEW: Swamp Thing #17 Apr//2013

this issue felt like a Marvel comic - not the recent stuff either - more like late '80s/'90s - heavy on action and dialogue and very "comic-book-y" in style, and certainly weird for Swamp Thing..
but I liked it, and not just because it's Swampy - no, it's fun, and really fun at that. As I read it I can feel that some of the earlier stuff with his new title was taking itself a bit too serious, but this doesn't - more of a rollercoaster than a "crafted-story" it's entertaining and Swamp Thing gets his own "End-of-the-World-Superhero" story - all good comic book characters have one.
It's essentially the end of the world at the hands of Anton Arcane the "Avatar of the Rot". This basically makes him the bad elemental to Swampy's good.

The whole concept is pretty cheesy, and too tidy for my liking buuut this issue is so action-packed and again sooo much a straight up comic book that it is honestly a really good read. The art's busy, and more superheroic than anything else, but it makes this issue work - cool cover.

I wish somebody would take Arcane back to the Un-Man Insect Arcane - I love that one - guess I'll have to bring him back when I write Swamp Thing someday.

I remember getting that issue over there - just something about those Tom Yeates covers too..
Number eighteen of Swamp Thing's adventures in the New 52 looks to be wild with the final battle and the fate of Arcane..
not to mention a death in the family, which might just be a good thing - sad for sure, but good for the book.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

REVIEW: Swamp Thing #19 June//2013

Fun issue..
but I must admit to being morbidly curious about what direction the book is going to go in now.
Will each writer try to create his own Swamp Thing/Alec Holland personality?

The Scarecrow is a fun guest, and the interaction is well written. I love crossover SThing and this next one looks good with Supes appearing by the last page, and obviously starring in #20.
Cool, but again - wondering if it's good fun writing or lazy convenience writing - we will see.
Fact is, I'm just happy as hell that Swamp Thing is back in the DC Universe and I still intend to WRITE the book someday.

cheers, AC

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Rumor Mills of Holland

Bleeding Cool has something very interesting to say today...

It seems Del Toro's JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK film rumor may have legs after all. I presumed it was just too good to be true but perhaps not - perhaps the brilliance of the comic book page will just keep getting discovered forever.

I would really like to see this movie go forward - just imagine the style factor - those amazingly rich  images he just loves to put up on that screen ...and the things it will inspire - my hopes, of course, being the 21st century Swampy reboot he needs on the big screen.  ...ahhh, the future of my favorite comic book character  looks very bright - very green.

..will Director Extraordinaire Guillermo Del Toro direct a film that features not only some of DC's best characters, but the Swamp Thing too?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Robot Chicken

"I'm f#%*ng funny"

Alright, Swamp Thing on Robot Chicken = one excellent laugh, and Bane and Batsy ..I would have guessed that joke'd get old, but nope..

..the whole episode is excellent, and just nails DC - kinda like a "roast" - good hearted but razor sharp, and Swampy is funny as hell - go find it and watch it.

Aquaman Reigns!!!

I love seeing love for Swampy - there's more than I ever knew out there, even love for that goofy TV series. Both his movies are fun as classic eighties pre-"superherosupermovies", when they were mostly just trying to get the basics close to the comics basics. Though these films are quite different they both function as popcorn worthy B-movie studies on an awesome character, and a back-to-back viewing can spark quite the nerdfest of ripping 'em
...but loving the bits they get right.

Me, I have schoolwork to do but I'm planning the videos and short Swamp Thing films to come. I want to shoot key scenes from the comics - the barn explosion is must, with a good buddy of mine being a VFX genius, and my access to lots of aspiring young actors and filmmakers. This summer will be a perfect time to start a few little teasers - my Alec Holland is really good - he looks like a Bernie Wrightson drawing - must find that perfect Linda...

Meanwhile, go get an old issue of Swamp Thing and read it while you're ...acquiring ROBOT CHICKEN DC COMICS SPECIAL - trust me...

Cheers, Artie