Thursday, March 13, 2014

Justice League of Bloggers - Steve Garcia's SWAMP THING: "Creation"

Today TWENTY-TWO Bloggers have come together to bring your attention to the work of a brilliant artist - Steve Garcia.
I love good clean design - strong lines and silhouettes are an instant moment of recognition, and a cleverly simple way to present a visual character.
Swamp Thing is a messy vision and whereas a lot of Swampy art has been down and dirty ..mucky wet marshes and rotting monsters, SG takes his shape and makes it clean and perfect, while maintaining the "muck encrusted mockery".

There's a nobility in the work - like Alex Ross' best stuff, but this is more accessible. I love his style, and not just for comic book characters either - he is incredibly talented(Go to his site below) and an inspiration for someone like myself who makes movies - very visual movies. Fact is, creation is my singular raison d'ĂȘtre, and I'm happy Mr.Garcia attached that word to my green friend.

Tell me that wouldn't make a brilliant teaser film poster(in 50 shades of green, of course) - Love it, and I just want to say Thanks to Steve Garcia for the obviously affecting work, and Shag Mathews for bringing us all together again.

These CROSS-BLOG-ADVENTURES are a lot of fun, and here's the full gang of us JUSTICE LEAGUE OF BLOGGERS celebrating the work of one really groovy artist.

Can't forget about these cool "Posts from the Past" on Steve Garcia too - good stuff, and well worth a look...

And one last thing - Go check out his page on DeviantArt, and just try not to drool too much...