Sunday, February 3, 2013

Robot Chicken

"I'm f#%*ng funny"

Alright, Swamp Thing on Robot Chicken = one excellent laugh, and Bane and Batsy ..I would have guessed that joke'd get old, but nope..

..the whole episode is excellent, and just nails DC - kinda like a "roast" - good hearted but razor sharp, and Swampy is funny as hell - go find it and watch it.

Aquaman Reigns!!!

I love seeing love for Swampy - there's more than I ever knew out there, even love for that goofy TV series. Both his movies are fun as classic eighties pre-"superherosupermovies", when they were mostly just trying to get the basics close to the comics basics. Though these films are quite different they both function as popcorn worthy B-movie studies on an awesome character, and a back-to-back viewing can spark quite the nerdfest of ripping 'em
...but loving the bits they get right.

Me, I have schoolwork to do but I'm planning the videos and short Swamp Thing films to come. I want to shoot key scenes from the comics - the barn explosion is must, with a good buddy of mine being a VFX genius, and my access to lots of aspiring young actors and filmmakers. This summer will be a perfect time to start a few little teasers - my Alec Holland is really good - he looks like a Bernie Wrightson drawing - must find that perfect Linda...

Meanwhile, go get an old issue of Swamp Thing and read it while you're ...acquiring ROBOT CHICKEN DC COMICS SPECIAL - trust me...

Cheers, Artie