Friday, April 27, 2012

weird "cover" of the week #17

This week goes to Summit City Ink, and whoever was cool enough to cover themselves with our ole buddy over here. Well done.

..might just have to get one myself, but what artist - what shot? ...or do I draw one?


Anyway, that over there is awesome.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


LOOK!! Swamp Thing comic books - read 'em digital, and leave the trees to relax.

April 23: I downloaded Swamp Thing #1 ...and it's FREE - just a cool DC incentive to get you reading, and though I prefer the original issues, the transfer and mechanics of the digital download are very impressive.
I won't get into a review but it will be the beginning of the upcoming video blogs I'm kinda stoked about.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Weird cover of the week #16

Vampires need invites - Demons make an entrance!!

What's the big deal? That's just how Etrigan enters a room.

The Monkey King issues were a lot of fun - very Stephen King-ish - in fact, I'm working on a more elaborate post about what I believe to be some of Alan Moore's specific literary inspirations - pretty sure Mr. King was one of them.

But I digress..
This story boasted a very interesting interpretation of both Jason Blood and the Demon, Etrigan - those rhymes alone - fantastic, but Mr. Moore obviously had a love of some of DC's lesser know spiritual characters. I haven't read that issue of WW, but the Phantom Stranger a la Bissette, Tottleben and that crazy Brit writer is by far the coolest he's ever been done - Swampy's second annual is like Christmas for any fan of DC's more magical cats.
And at this point(the issue above) the relationship between Swamp Thing and Abby is pre-Rite of Spring - makes for some damn good reading watching the two gravitate towards actual romance.
The early issues by this tri(the ST Superteam) feel like the "first season" if you will - bit more raw here and there, and I'm a big fan of the early days of any cool property. I bet it was exciting for all three to see what they were creating together - it was for us.

Try the swordfish.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Careful what you wish for...

Like lots of nerds out there, I've hoped and wished for a great many things...
A short list might include:

*New Star Wars films - wow, where to begin - I don't really consider those junky prequels to even be films.

*Another INDY - Yowsa again.

*A GIJoe movie - It was lame, but at least Pt.2 looks kinda fun..

*Terminator 4 - ugh

*More WKRP - Don't bother.

*A new improved costume for Superman - Alright, why the hell is Supes in armour?  dumb..dumb..

Obviously, this is the sort of wishful thinking that could damage a young man's faith in all things geeky, but wait...


One of the things even Artie dared not dream of was:
 *A new and excellent Swamp Thing comic book that wouldn't retcon Alan Moore's work, but might have the fuckin' balls to move past it and take the character somewhere new again.

HATS OFF to DC Comics for their New 52 Swampy - it's better than I had the balls to hope for, and looking at DC's upcoming covers today, I see it's only going to get cooler.
VERY VERY impressed with the JJ Abrams-esque restart that kept everything in place - Brilliant.

And look who's back...
That's right - Uncle Anton - the yin to Swampy's yang...
He's looking kinda "Patchwork Man"ish ...curious, and awesome.

Of course Arcane's return is inevitable, but I find myself feeling excited for the issues I did as a boy.
Valuable state of mind.

Very happy about the current direction of my ol' green buddy.
Thanks, DC.


weird cover o' the week fifteen

I like Nick Pendleton's re-do of Saga #6 ...great Tom Yeates original too.

Saga of the Swamp Thing(how I think of the pre-Moore days) gets a bum rap - no, it's not genius but it was a good comic book. I liked Martin Pasko's serial-story, and Tom Yeates still draws a fantastic Swampy.

Some obviously can't help but think of Yeates and Pasko as a stopgap between the two brilliant minds that created him, and the three that cemented his place as one of the most relevant comics of the 80s, but I did really enjoy SAGA. I was young and it opened the door to sooooo much...
Thanks, guys...
..and thanks, Nick. Artists love drawing Swampy..

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Alec Holland/Swamp Thing - 40 Years in Continuity

It occurred to me recently, amidst thought of DC's Earth 2 coming soon, that Swamp Thing is one of the few DC characters who only has one timeline.
He didn't get rebooted with Crisis on Infinite Earths, nor did Infinite Crisis or the near-absolute reboot of the New 52 offer us a new Swampy ...verrrry interesting.
I think it strengthens the character immeasurably, and strongly suggests that his "cool" is unique - not subject to the whims of cultural change. The character currently being drawn and written for issues to come later this year is the same guy Alan Moore wrote about ...Len Wein wrote about ...all his changes and adventures having brought him to where he is now. I love that.

Boy, they weren't kidding ...and a very different comic mag it turned out to be.
This fall will mark 40 years since those two cats sat down and created my favorite fictional character, and I hope to follow him for 40 more.

Who else has just one thread thru 4 decades of DC Comics History


Friday, April 6, 2012

#14 weirdcoveroftheweek #14

No idea what's going on here, and it's from one of the several Swampy series I don't really "count", so to speak, but it is one weird and excellent piece of artwork from painter genius John Tottleben...
Kind of evokes more 70s style covers ...strange, with some mystery built in.
It actually reminds me of a cover from Boris Karloff's Gold Key Tales of Mystery.
Will try to find it...

What is going on with Ms.Cable here? Did the Rot show up early or something?

And speaking of Abby, the NEW 52 Swamp Thing is having some serious fun with their love-affair..
Time to start reviewing the issues one by one, methinks.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Swamp Thing/Return" Criterion Double Disc Set

It was recently announced that Criterion finally got around to Wes Craven's masterpiece, and it's extraordinary follow-up - The Return of Swamp Thing.
Rumour has it, the two discs feature oodles and oodles of new footage and interviews, not the least of which is an hour-long doc on Jim Wynorski's  Oscar nominations - can't wait..
So glad they tracked down David Hess(FERRET) for an extensive interview..

Also, pretty glad it's April Fool's Day.