Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The greatest day ever.. DC ANIMATED ANTHEM DAY!!

from a huge fan of the comic book crossover..

Good day, swamp dwellers - and it sure is, for today is no shambling mockery of a day..
No, today is Animated Anthem Day.
The greatest day of the month..
and thanks to the ambitious genius of The Irredeemable Shag and Diabolu Frank, The Blog from the Bog is part of a most excellent CROSSOVER EVENT of SEVENTEEN BLOGS, featuring all sorts of awesome animated intros for some of the best characters ever created..
That's right, 17 Bloggers who love superheroes - love comic books - love cartoons - maybe all three..
and have come together for this animation-themed-same day-same hour posting event to chat about the characters they focus on, but also to bring some new traffic though some pretty impressive sites.

We'll start with my personal favorite cartoon "open" of all time ...perhaps a tad obvious some might say, but it's SWAMP THING ...I jest.
This is his blog but sorry, Buddy - nothing touches the classic Superfriends intro.

Anyway, we'll look at this from Swamp Thing's perspective - how many DC characters have had two feature films, two TV series and an exclusive toy line?
Today is all about Swampy's animated show - one obviously made for kids, where Swamp Thing is basically an "Environmental Superhero", with some plant-related shapeshifting powers, fighting it out in simplistic little enviro-stories - goofy, but better than Avatar.

Now, this isn't quite Alan Moore's take on our favorite Green Guy but hey - it's Swampy and he did have his own Cartoon. 

➤➤This is it..
...the intro to the FOX half-hour animated TV show, debuting in October of 1990:

I wonder who decided to make Anton Arcane look like Andrew Bennett of I, Vampire..

But at least Swampy had his arch-nemesis right beside him, and nothing tells a comic book character he's made it like getting an animated kids show. It's IT, really.. you're a cartoon now - Forever.
I'll bet there's at least one environmentalist out there who, whilst chowing down on bowl after bowl of chocolate frosted sugar-bombs, just loved this show.
Sure, it has a dash of that "just buy the damn toys" feel to it, but it's still fun ..young for sure, but fun.
Too bad the "Timmverse" didn't get the whole property. They might even have tried "Anatomy Lesson" etc. Wow, just think of it...
So many crossovers..

But I digress - Swampy was just joining the ranks, you see..
Fifteen of my fellow Lovers of DC Heroes have BLOGS too - and since today is the greatest day ever, this whole amazing group is celebrating the first ANIMATED ANTHEM DAY...
Check 'em out:

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and joiners to the party...

• Various @ Superhero Shows

• Various @ Mail-it-To Team Up

Holy muck, that's a groovy list - read 'em - follow 'em - Looove them.
Life is short - gotta have fun.



  1. That re-working of "Wild Thing" is so awesomely bad! Seriously though, why didn't this thing get more episodes? Stupid FOX! It amuses me that they used the movie kids. I had a couple of these figures...

  2. Ha haa..
    ..yeah, I had the root-footed guy, but I left him in one of my houseplants that didn't make the move one year.

  3. Swamp Thing, you make my heart sing. Thanks for the coordinated effort today. It was a ton of fun.

  4. It sure was - I'm looking forward to the next one..

  5. ..and hoping to maybe get a few extra FOLLOWERS in the process..
    We'll see..

  6. I love this stuff ...what a great community.
    Thanks again to THE FIRE and WATER PODCAST - inspirational.

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  8. Thanks, Dave - I can't wait for another crossover..
    ..and I do believe tonight is a good night to post something new...
    Cheers, Arthur

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