Monday, November 12, 2012

Rumor Patrol: Guillermo Del Toro to visit the Bayou?

Could this happen?
I'm a huge Del Toro fan, even Mimic, and though it feels goofy to namedrop it feels somewhat appropriate to mention meeting him in New York a couple years back.

He was affable and warm - a Very cool guy - maybe the coolest film person yet(I've been lucky enough to meet a few)
but I digress..
when questioned recently about the possibility of his working on DC's "magic characters" his response was this:
"I've been discussing with the fans and I've been very, very open about how much "Swamp Thing" was key when I was a kid."
This is joyous news indeed.
Sadly, not serious news though. Only for the fact that most of these rumors stay just that, but I'd chop off my hand to see a genius like GDT tackle the Alan Moore stuff - just think of it...

I'll be paying close attention, Kids. 

..and oh yeah - he claims he WANTS you to send him your work, as he likes hiring talented fans - his words - NO JOKE..
How cool is that? 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Swamp Thing's G H O S T D A N C E

That's right.
The Blog from the Bog returns in style - midnight to be precise, and it's a spooky one...
Happy to be part of a fantastic CROSSOVER...

...a SUPERNATURAL one...

This is a big crossover event, with DC comics well represented by their respective spectral tales and I can't wait to read 'em.

Below are links to the whole shebang - a whole bunch of bloggers doing crazy Halloween posts going up at the same time - awesome.
...and who knows? ..we might just make the press(nerd press) which is always fun. BIG THANKS to Chad@Lantercast - Well Done, Sir.

Regardless, this is a blast and a great way to discover all sorts of scary stories; ones you might not have heard of, and these are some fun blogs - good laughs, and good writing.

And on to the Swamp Thing starring in GHOST DANCE ...a sweet little tale from Alan Moore, way back in the good ol' '80s. It's excellent. It was #45, and I do remember liking that "Wild West" cover - Swampy's lucky - he looks cool in weird spots, and DC is so good at weird covers, but I digress..

Part of the fabled "American Gothic" run, this "ghost story in a haunted house" features a couple wandering the home of the Cambridge Family - legendary gun builders stepping in for perhaps another famous family..
Anyway, it is creepy as hell and Alan Moore at his best(before the book got a little bogged down so to speak)

the details are rich - the story unfolds perfectly, and I sooo loved reading it again.

There's nothing like truly good writing in a ghost story. Stan Woch and Alfredo Alcala cover the art chores, and though the superteam is missed, they do a great job with the western tone, and it's a good-looking issue.

Swamp Thing plays his heroic part, and his resolution is brilliant, but the issue works as a nice standalone read too. You should read it, then send it to someone who's never read the book - if they like it, then send them the Bissette and Totleben stuff.

The very end is like a Tales from the Crypt moment - just cool.

I'm so glad Swamp Thing is a really strong book these days - looking forward to more ghost stories in the bog..
Now, I'm off to read all the CROSSOVERS...
what a list, Holy Moley...

* "Ghosts" @ The Aquaman Shrine
* "Bough Breaks" @ Batman: Gotham Knights Online

* "Seeing Ghosts" @ Boosterrific

* "Life Itself" @ Captain's JLA Homepage

* "Ghosts' - The Corpse Corps!" @Corps Conjecture

* "What Creeps Out The Creeper?" @ DC Bloodlines

* "The Distance Gone" @ Diana Prince is the New Wonder Woman

* "Shoe Shine.. Back from the Dead" @ Firestorm Fan

* "The Death Sentence" @ Great Krypton!

* "Happy Halloween" @ I Am The Phantom Stranger

* Martian Manhunter in "Heart's Afire" @ The Idol-Head of Diabolu

* "Legend of Driq" @ Indigo Tribe

* The Vixen in "Role Model" @ Justice League Detroit

* "Ghosts" @ Power of the Atom

* The Spectre in "Zor" @Siegel & Shuster: Mythmakers

* "High-Speed Hauntings" @ Speed Force

..and Happy Halloween!!!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Me, Swamp Thing, and Film School

my favorite comic-panel of all time
I'm in school again...
& that's why I've been a SUPER-SLACK-ASS on my own blog.
I still love you, Swamp Thing but having been accepted to my local Screen Arts program, I've had to double and re-double my efforts to make this crazy life I've chosen work out properly.

Am disappointed to not be able to attend the Swampy Reunion happening in Cincinnati but ultimately my path will lead me to more FREEDOM in the world of nerdy-obsessery...

I won't miss another chance to meet those crazy geniuses ..if that happens again ..ever ...on Earth.

I'll be back here very soon for the 2 or 3 souls who care..
Peace, and keep reading Swamp Thing - he's pretty groovy.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

REVIEW: House of Secrets #92 July//1971

What a cool memory, reading this again - it's been some years, and adventures since, reminding me that our perspective on the things we love evolves as we age. Yesterday was my birthday, and I'm enjoying the eyes of my life to this point - sadly also reminded I need glasses to use 'em but hey..
I found House of Secrets #92 courtesy of a friend at Wilkie's Wonderful World comic shop way back in the early '80s ..shortly after becoming a huge fan via the then new Saga of the Swamp Thing.
It was a little banged up - missing some pages in fact but..
it did have the short story titled Swamp Thing complete and intact so I was very happy - this, combined with haggling a great deal of course.

I wasn't much of a horror fan, but I loved good rich storytelling from ..well, birth - youth way back anyway, and this was moody well-written stuff..

"I move slowly through the moss-draped mire - treading a path that is worn smooth from my constant passing -- On beyond the shadows and the dark trees' twisting tendrils to my inevitable destination..." 
To be savoring that Wrightson art as you're soaking up Wein's prose - both drenched in atmosphere - both clean and concise - absolutely perfect comic book storytelling and so evocative of EC Comics' best it's almost unreal. This issue is maybe the finest bridge between DC and EC ever published - featuring art and story by two of the industry's most respected, and a story that wouldn't be moment out of place had it been published in Tales from the Crypt. I suspect it would be just as adored - maybe more, but then we might not have seen a certain someone get his own comic book.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

VOLUMES of The Swamp Thing

TWO new collections debuted this week..

First half of New 52 Swampy's 1st Year...
RAISE THEM BONES, and they did.
Good to have Swampy as a fun DCU monthly again - good to have Abby back, and most cool - good to have Alec Holland back in there.

This book is far from perfect, but it's damn good and I'm damn happy about it. When "we" out here truly love a certain property, we can feel it from it's current caretakers, and Snyder/Paquette dig Swampy..
Nice review here on Goodreads.

DC has published this and Volume 2 just last week, and they're great for any of you who heard the new Swamp Thing title was really good, but still waited for some odd reason.

Go get 'em, and love 'em..

Then read the Wein and Wrightson stuff - TRUST ME.


Thursday, August 9, 2012


Mr.Yanick Paquette just posted his amazing art gracing the cover of SWAMP THING #13...

I love the "profile Swampy", and a huge fan of his new look - courageous to change him, but it is working well - brings life to the book.
This cover reminds me how much I enjoy the guest-stars of Swamp Thing - Deadman is always a treat, and the Ivy relationship - well, I don't think that's gonna bring anything good..

Cheers, A.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

REVIEW: Animal Man #12 Oct//2012

Wow, I didn't expect that.

I enjoyed this issue of Animal Man more than #12 of Swampy.
This is my review of Animal Man #12, which is the first part of a crossover between these two title characters, and so far it's pretty good.

"It seems our paths have been entwined. We have been struggling against the same thing ..or at least some variation of it ...the Rot."
Swamp Thing(Animal Man #12)

I liked the writing very much - it's a double-team with AM's Jeff Lemire and ST's Scott Snyder, and it's quite strong in both dialogue and pacing - fact is, the art and story are slightly better that Swampy #12. This bugs me a bit for the fact that Swamp Thing NEEDS a very strong artist/team or the book just won't fly. I hope DC wizens to this very very soon.

The setup is fun as Buddy and his family interact and go to see Swampy - that talking cat, man - I like it, but it's the family dynamic I really liked - it's good, and it left Swampy's book feeling a bit thinner. Granted, we got Swampy family adventures in the 80's but even I didn't like a married version with kids was blandly weird. Swampy's title needs more faces ..old and new.

But I digress yet again - Big fan of Steve Pugh's "look" for Swamp Thing, and I'll have a post up about his appearance very soon - Swampy thru the Ages...
Cool Abby - cool art.

Anyway, good issue - good team-up, and I'm going to make a purchase next week of the New 52 Animal Man Collection.
I've always enjoyed the character but never bought it. Hopefully I can get it, read it, and review AM #13 which will be out soon, featuring Part 3 of Rotworld.

Good time to start buying both books, you slackers..

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

REVIEW Swamp Thing #12 Oct//2012

Well well, a crossover.

This is my "pre-reading Animal Man #12" review for Swamp Thing #12, which is the second part of a crossover story between the two books, titled ROTWORLD.
Right off the top - have to say I like the Buddy Baker character, and the fact that damn good writing has elevated a very "B" level hero to a very appreciated place in the DC Universe - not unlike a certain green monster we know, and I suspect long time readers will feel this pairing's been a long time coming.

The story starts in the action, obviously having begun in Animal Man, and it stays pretty lively. Arcane is the nuisance I like, but I suspect I'll be missing Mister Moore's take on him simply for the fact that Arcane is best when written as a genius - smarter than the Swamp Thing but still undone by him. Anyway, the thought of his resurrection matching that of Alec Holland actually works with the history they have, and as an aside - it's nice to see Arcane biting things again - remember him biting Swampy in Hell?
Another irrelevant but fun touch is Swampy/Alec Holland's sense of humour - it's back, reminding me how tired characters who take themselves too seriously can get(ahem, Bats..).

It finally feels as though there's a fair bit going on and that's something this title needed. I found the first year of Swampy's new book felt very static - not enough happening, and not enough variation.

To be quite honest, I'm digging this "Rotworld" story, but more curious about what will be next after this arc. The art is a bit sloppy in this one, which also reminds me that I'd like to see an earthy arty team on the book again.

I'll pick up Animal Man tomorrow, and do this double review right.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Eaglemoss Swamp Thing

The newest addition to the DC Super Heroes lead figurine collection, and boy, is it ever nice.

The detail is fantastic, but it's the pose/look that really makes it Swamp Thing - his face rocks!!
..very nice combination of multiple art styles - though he's a helluva lot bulkier than Tom Yeates version.

Love it.
Good series of figures ..I knew I'd eventually pick up one of these.
Now I'm crossing my fingers for ARCANE, but which version?


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

REVIEW: DC Comics Presents #85 Sept//1985

It's really a shame it went the way it did with DC and Alan Moore, and this issue is a perfect testament to what we missed, namely more stories by a guy who actually "gets" Superman.
I'm sure Mr.M could have written any of DC's stable well, but so few can write Superman stories that become classics.

We get Superman from a different angle that leaves you thinking and stretching your brain a bit more - great sensation. Alan Moore likes exploring space, and his Krypton is always interesting - it's the details - he hones in on specifics and puts the science in science fiction stories, never forgetting that Superman is from another planet a zillion trillion miles away. He's so good at making classic story structures fresh and this one is a mythic little tale that harkens back to the original stories cavemen might have told - that of the "anonymous hero".
I'll leave it at that as for revelations about the story itself, but noteworthy too are guest-artist from the Swampy-verse - Rick Veitch on groovy art duties, and a Silver-Age Superman - the Curt Swan Supes of the early '80s just before John Byrne's Man of Steel update.
I love clever one-off Swamp Thing team-up stories and it's a really good read, but much more of a "Big Blue" comic, with a special appearance by Swampy but that's what makes it work.
Not only do we get the best writer in the industry writing the trickiest character in the industry, we get Alan Moore's current(at the time) brilliant work in progress strolling in as a logical and fun as hell cross-over. The ending is smile-worthy for sure.
GREAT issue, and you can get it in the volume below.

Which brings me to my earlier point - I think DC should have found a way to make Alan Moore stick around back in the classic universe for a while. I love the work he did everywhere else but just think of maybe ten more books by that brain whilst wrapped around the costumed-stories - imagine a one year run of DC Comics Presents ..ahh, well - that volume is awesome but the whole Swamp Thing saga from #1 up to the Alan Moore stuff is good single-character comic reading. The story isn't challenging like the work to come but it is a dark and fun take on Swamp Thing's Alec Holland continuing saga and the art is excellent. Then, when you're settled into Alec Holland's plight and enjoying the book, along comes Mr.Moore's Anatomy Lesson and the truly legendary ride begins..


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

REVIEW: Swamp Thing #11 Sept//2012

Really good issue, but good in a different way - a point I'll come back to.

The story is the second part of last month's "Return of Arcane" blast from the past, and a superior issue for sure, though I appreciate saving the juiciest stuff for the second half of any good tale.
Regardless, this one more than any other yet, felt as though it could almost slide into the old '80s run. Now that's not meant to disparage this run, but most of us hold that time up as the best in the book's history. Personally, I feel Alan Moore, Steve Bissette and John Tottleben simply matched, then evolved the work of Wein and Wrightson.

This particular issue feels very "night" if you get what I mean - shadowy, creepy ..the Swampy this cat really digs.
I love how comic-booky it's been since the reboot but it's the macabre that has to form the title's spine, and this issue rolls around in it. It feels a bit dirty, like some of Stephen King's best work. Fact is, Swamp Thing can't be too "clean" a book in story or art, or it feels like "product" instead of lasting story.

This particular issue is just slightly different, and this is the exact direction I'm hoping for with this title - it's been a long time since we've seen a ground-level Swamp Thing(not an omniscient plant-elemental) fighting horrors we can't imagine.

I'm liking the Return of Arcane quite a bit this round, and gotta state again for the record what a good time I'm having buying Swampy monthly again.

Cheers, A.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

REVIEW: Swamp Thing #10 Aug//2012

This is the tenth issue of the New 52 Swamp Thing comic book.
I'm pleased with it, and trust me - no one loves Swampy like I do.

It isn't perfect - what is, but the first accomplishment of this series was a very important one; get Swamp Thing back in mainstream DC continuity. Mission Accomplished, and well done gotta say.

The next big element was the resurrection of Alec Holland, creating the lynchpin of the series storytelling. This was something I didn't see coming, and like JJ Abrams Star Trek, it did something I didn't believe could be done - make Swamp Thing "fresh" again. To put the duo Alan Moore split apart together again was ballsy and clever - I liked it, and it had me clambering for the next issue.

The third accomplishment of the new series seems to be new limitations for our hero...

I like that maybe best of all.
Alan Moores Swampy had become the Superman of monsters - invincible, married, and galactically boring. Not anymore.

This issue brings Abby and Alec back to the house from Alan Moore's run - a nice touch for sure, but the excitement for me was the return of Anton Arcane. It's not a perfect "return" and one has to ignore the fact that The Rot was never mentioned before, despite it's super-connected history with ol Uncle Anton, but hey - that's comics. It doesn't seem to be revisionist though - perhaps a tidying of old threads, all of which featured an evil/darkness ...I guess now it's called The Rot.
Anyway, #10 starts with Arcane and ends with Arcane - he's a fantastic nemesis, and I adore his stories, but I do hope Snyder gets his head around him a little better - he's not quite the Wein/Moore Arcane, but issue #11 may just get him right.

He looks scary and I do love his Anti-Swamp Thing face, but I find myself missing the insectoid versions of both he and his Un-Men - ahh well, maybe that look ran it's course.

The issue itself suffers from the one thing the whole series has suffered from - it's a little thin.
I miss the days of a very dense story, with matching artwork - the irony of it is that it reads more like a "superhero comic" than it has since the early '80s, logical with his return to that universe of course, but in this case that's not always a plus. Mood takes the right balance of suspense and setting - but it's getting more engaging as a book for sure.

Overall, issue #10(with its homage cover tackled below) is one of the best in this new run, but like the new Batman movies(as awesome as they are) I am curious to see what a new writing/art team will do with Swampy ...we'll see.

Very interesting single issue.


Coming Soon:

First Swamp Thing Annual of the New 52.

  • Written by SCOTT SNYDER
  • On sale OCTOBER 31 • 48 pg // $4.99 US
  • Years ago, Alec Holland met Anton Arcane...and the seeds of that encounter created the nightmare that is Rotworld!
  • This extra-sized tale of monsters and madness examines one of the greatest rivalries in the DC Universe!

Swamp Thing Annuals are a lot of fun - not the least of which are the covers - this is a nice one showcasing Swampy's new look - Pretty Cool, might even be a Halloween issue..  Bring it on.


Friday, June 15, 2012

The FINAL Weird Cover of the Week - #24

I'll be switching this Friday post over to a weekly REVIEW instead, but on a note of "rebirth"...

"You look different"    "I changed my hair, thanks for noticing..."'s this week's cover to the New 52 Swamp Thing
#10: The Inevitable Return of ANTON ARCANE!!!

Arcane is like a bad penny, and I do love this specific trapping of the comic book medium - "the unkillable villain - the opposite number" - groovy, every hero needs one.
I have favorites:
Supes has Lex Luthor.
Cap has the Red Skull - I love the Red Skull.
Bats has ...who's that again? ..oh right, THE JOKER.
The Joker has always struck me as the ultimate YIN to a YANG ...madness vs mission = perfect, with that weird overtone to the relationship that so works.

But Swamp Thing does have one of the coolest of all in the demonically evil old man from the Balkans, Arcane - a character who technically debuted in Swampy #1, but makes his awesome true first appearance in the original Swamp Thing #2, along with Abby and a few other perennial favorites.

Alan Moore does a really nice bit of writing in his first issue on Saga in 1983 when Arcane seems to be truly gone. It made me oddly sad reading that the first time - my first encounter with the thought of a hero mourning his nemesis, but it would become an attractive theme to my little creative brain motivating some of my own storytelling.

This piece of art by Yanick Paquette is a homage not only to Arcane's original return way back in the '70s by Bernie Wrightson, but also to the fact that it was #10 then too. Very nice touch, and the last of the "weird covers" for my Blog from the Bog.

I'll start reviewing issues one-by-one after this and making this spot a go-to what's happening in the comic book currently, as well as ALL the older issues all the way up to now.

It'll be fun.

June 20
Turns out it's a great issue with some really nice character writing. Review coming soon..

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Breaking News!!!!

Just read the best piece of Swamp Thing news since the New 52 announcements:

The Cincinnati Comic Expo this September will feature FOUR of the artists from Swampy's second series - you know the one - Alan Moore had something to do with it...

Anyway, I'll be in attendance if I have to sell all my Swamp Thing comics, which'd be weirdly poignant actually..
I'll finally meet the guy who keeps winning my movie contest on FB, Mr. Steve Bissette - maybe even get to shake his hand.
Very good news indeed.

Going to do a DOCUMENTARY if possible ...STAY TUNED!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Flora Flambe - Weird Cover o the Week #23

Bissette and Tottleben - need I say more?
An era of comics when my fingers would sweat as I got close to that next issue. Glorious days of passionate geniuses painting beautiful stories about monsters.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Swamp Thing meets Firestorm ...almost

A great issue - number 24 from the legendary '80s Alan Moore run - discussed by the Irredeemable Shag over at FIRESTORM FAN...


..and just look at that cool cover ..more amazing work by Tom Yeates. I specifically remember getting this issue, and promptly reading it ...probably twice..
It marks the turning point for Alan Moore's new evolution of the character - better than a movie, this issue.

But I will remind everyone that DC is offering the original Swamp Thing #1 for FREEEEEEE...
Trust me - you won't regret starting with that 40 year old piece of brilliance.
This way, by the time you get to the Alan Moore stuff you'll have the proper understanding of the impact contained within the Anatomy Lesson a few issues back.
It's a great ride - trust me...

Friday, June 1, 2012

Weird Cover of the Week #22

Weird for the fact that Alec Holland and Swamp Thing don't generally hang-out a lot...
...but more than weird, it's wonderful.
This is my favorite Swampy cover EVER.
I will try to buy the original artwork someday, but yup - personal favorite artwork by Mr. John Tottleben - Holland's DaVinci-esque face - Swampy's eyes - the Barn - it's the whole Swamp Thing saga in one image.


Friday, May 25, 2012

weird cover number two one

It doesn't have to be comic book covers..
This is a great graphic over a great review of two groovy DC action figures, but I won't spoil who wins - go read it.

Big thanks to DORK DIMENSION.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh, Wrightson...

Love this.
It's a fairly recent commission by Swamp's original artist and though his style has evolved somewhat, it's a more mature/reality-esque look - I think it works.
Wrightson's "hands" rock.

Friday, May 18, 2012

weird cover of the week #20

Kudos to Yanick Paquette for this Swamp Thing redesign currently happening in his New 52 Book - Love it, and again, courageous - these guys are pushing past Alan Moore's work and into new territory, while at the same time reminding us nicely that he's a comic book character.

Warrior Alec Holland/Swamp Thing is a formidable creation ..antlers, wings, armour - stuff this Swampy fan wouldn't have guessed would work, but it does ...beautifully.

Good show, new keepers of the coolest DC character to come out of the '70s.


Friday, May 11, 2012

#19 - weird cover of the week

I like this one, though it is from one of the irrelevant Swampy series'.

It's weird.
I'll read 'em all eventually, but only 3 of Swamp Thing's comic series really matter - the Original, the Saga of, and the New 52...

...but it is a nice cover.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Weeerd cover o the week - 18

Guess I'm a bit of a sucker for Tom Yeates - I think he gets the short end of the stick when it comes to highly respected Swampy artists, but this is the guy who got me hooked.

His art on Saga of the Swamp Thing #1 was exactly what that story needed - sure, Swampy might be less ..I dunno, gothic perhaps is the word, but this was to be a new start, and a far more modern setting for the character.

This specific issue is way past the most noteworthy work on the title's run, BUT I love that Mr.Yeates stayed connected for so long after his time on the books starting days.

Apparently, Steve Bissette and John Tottleben were "helping" him meet his deadlines before they took over the art chores themselves in issue #16 ...that's just plain AWESOME. I can't wait to review those issues with an eye towards spotting that secret duo's work.

One day I'll own Berni Wrightson, Tom Yeates, Steve Bissette and John Tottleben original ST artwork - maybe Yannick Paquette too, but on that note - I better go earn some $$$$...

Cheers, A.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Swamp Thing #1 - Nov.1972 - Review


This is my single favorite comic book of all time, and am currently writing a very detailed review.

Will post that shortly, but I'm working on a Video Blog Entry to support it.

But if you're reading this, you should go read the issue yourself - then you can come back and chat ol' Swampy..

Read SWAMP THING #1 for FREE!!!

Very Cool and the Gang for DC to offer this no charge.

A 40 year old piece of Bronze-Age brilliance.


Friday, April 27, 2012

weird "cover" of the week #17

This week goes to Summit City Ink, and whoever was cool enough to cover themselves with our ole buddy over here. Well done.

..might just have to get one myself, but what artist - what shot? ...or do I draw one?


Anyway, that over there is awesome.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


LOOK!! Swamp Thing comic books - read 'em digital, and leave the trees to relax.

April 23: I downloaded Swamp Thing #1 ...and it's FREE - just a cool DC incentive to get you reading, and though I prefer the original issues, the transfer and mechanics of the digital download are very impressive.
I won't get into a review but it will be the beginning of the upcoming video blogs I'm kinda stoked about.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Weird cover of the week #16

Vampires need invites - Demons make an entrance!!

What's the big deal? That's just how Etrigan enters a room.

The Monkey King issues were a lot of fun - very Stephen King-ish - in fact, I'm working on a more elaborate post about what I believe to be some of Alan Moore's specific literary inspirations - pretty sure Mr. King was one of them.

But I digress..
This story boasted a very interesting interpretation of both Jason Blood and the Demon, Etrigan - those rhymes alone - fantastic, but Mr. Moore obviously had a love of some of DC's lesser know spiritual characters. I haven't read that issue of WW, but the Phantom Stranger a la Bissette, Tottleben and that crazy Brit writer is by far the coolest he's ever been done - Swampy's second annual is like Christmas for any fan of DC's more magical cats.
And at this point(the issue above) the relationship between Swamp Thing and Abby is pre-Rite of Spring - makes for some damn good reading watching the two gravitate towards actual romance.
The early issues by this tri(the ST Superteam) feel like the "first season" if you will - bit more raw here and there, and I'm a big fan of the early days of any cool property. I bet it was exciting for all three to see what they were creating together - it was for us.

Try the swordfish.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Careful what you wish for...

Like lots of nerds out there, I've hoped and wished for a great many things...
A short list might include:

*New Star Wars films - wow, where to begin - I don't really consider those junky prequels to even be films.

*Another INDY - Yowsa again.

*A GIJoe movie - It was lame, but at least Pt.2 looks kinda fun..

*Terminator 4 - ugh

*More WKRP - Don't bother.

*A new improved costume for Superman - Alright, why the hell is Supes in armour?  dumb..dumb..

Obviously, this is the sort of wishful thinking that could damage a young man's faith in all things geeky, but wait...


One of the things even Artie dared not dream of was:
 *A new and excellent Swamp Thing comic book that wouldn't retcon Alan Moore's work, but might have the fuckin' balls to move past it and take the character somewhere new again.

HATS OFF to DC Comics for their New 52 Swampy - it's better than I had the balls to hope for, and looking at DC's upcoming covers today, I see it's only going to get cooler.
VERY VERY impressed with the JJ Abrams-esque restart that kept everything in place - Brilliant.

And look who's back...
That's right - Uncle Anton - the yin to Swampy's yang...
He's looking kinda "Patchwork Man"ish ...curious, and awesome.

Of course Arcane's return is inevitable, but I find myself feeling excited for the issues I did as a boy.
Valuable state of mind.

Very happy about the current direction of my ol' green buddy.
Thanks, DC.


weird cover o' the week fifteen

I like Nick Pendleton's re-do of Saga #6 ...great Tom Yeates original too.

Saga of the Swamp Thing(how I think of the pre-Moore days) gets a bum rap - no, it's not genius but it was a good comic book. I liked Martin Pasko's serial-story, and Tom Yeates still draws a fantastic Swampy.

Some obviously can't help but think of Yeates and Pasko as a stopgap between the two brilliant minds that created him, and the three that cemented his place as one of the most relevant comics of the 80s, but I did really enjoy SAGA. I was young and it opened the door to sooooo much...
Thanks, guys...
..and thanks, Nick. Artists love drawing Swampy..

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Alec Holland/Swamp Thing - 40 Years in Continuity

It occurred to me recently, amidst thought of DC's Earth 2 coming soon, that Swamp Thing is one of the few DC characters who only has one timeline.
He didn't get rebooted with Crisis on Infinite Earths, nor did Infinite Crisis or the near-absolute reboot of the New 52 offer us a new Swampy ...verrrry interesting.
I think it strengthens the character immeasurably, and strongly suggests that his "cool" is unique - not subject to the whims of cultural change. The character currently being drawn and written for issues to come later this year is the same guy Alan Moore wrote about ...Len Wein wrote about ...all his changes and adventures having brought him to where he is now. I love that.

Boy, they weren't kidding ...and a very different comic mag it turned out to be.
This fall will mark 40 years since those two cats sat down and created my favorite fictional character, and I hope to follow him for 40 more.

Who else has just one thread thru 4 decades of DC Comics History


Friday, April 6, 2012

#14 weirdcoveroftheweek #14

No idea what's going on here, and it's from one of the several Swampy series I don't really "count", so to speak, but it is one weird and excellent piece of artwork from painter genius John Tottleben...
Kind of evokes more 70s style covers ...strange, with some mystery built in.
It actually reminds me of a cover from Boris Karloff's Gold Key Tales of Mystery.
Will try to find it...

What is going on with Ms.Cable here? Did the Rot show up early or something?

And speaking of Abby, the NEW 52 Swamp Thing is having some serious fun with their love-affair..
Time to start reviewing the issues one by one, methinks.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Swamp Thing/Return" Criterion Double Disc Set

It was recently announced that Criterion finally got around to Wes Craven's masterpiece, and it's extraordinary follow-up - The Return of Swamp Thing.
Rumour has it, the two discs feature oodles and oodles of new footage and interviews, not the least of which is an hour-long doc on Jim Wynorski's  Oscar nominations - can't wait..
So glad they tracked down David Hess(FERRET) for an extensive interview..

Also, pretty glad it's April Fool's Day.

Friday, March 30, 2012

weird cover of the week #THIRTEEN

I think I like those old Nestor Redondo covers more than I thought I did, but this particular graphic reminds me of one of my favorite phrases:

"Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal."

You decide.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

yowsa ...The Return of Swamp Thing (1989)

I adore movies, and my love for this character quite possibly borders on insanity..
Sooo, while it is a hard film to love, it's even harder to hate..

I've chosen FIVE things I totally enjoyed re-watching this ridiculous little yarn..

FIVE - The suit - he looks pretty good, though I do prefer his 1982 face.

FOUR - Arcane is pretty fun, and much closer to the comic book character. Louis Jordan isn't taking it too serious, and neither should we.

THREE - Un-men. Nuff said..

TWO - Sarah Douglas, though she doesn't do much she is still URSA ...awesome.

The fact that Wes Craven made one is almost unreal, but that it actually has a SEQUEL - Extraordinary, and there may yet be a third Swampy movie..
I'd like to DIRECT it. In fact, that part of the reason I do this crazy blog joke.

I'd have put Heather Locklear on the list - she is a cutie afterall, but a plant might have turned in a better performance


Friday, March 23, 2012

Weeerd Cover of the Week #12

Now, this is a strange one.
I'll have to search it out, but Paul Gulacy on Swampy? ...odd choice me thinks..

There are a handful of artists out there I would describe as "detail-oriented" ..very controlled lines..
Including Art Adams, Dave Gibbons, George Perez, and the one I'd've put at the top'd be Mr. Paul Gulacy.
His work is generally precise, and I find these guys have the hardest time with ol' Swampy..
BUT I haven't seen the work(other than this) so I'll have to decide once I find 'em.
The cover above is pretty cool, and a little magazine-y, so it really works, and it's a bit more organic than I'm used to with him - damn good comic artist we will see.

I'll look for The Swamp Thing Movie Portfolio in New York this fall, whilst hunting for awesome creator-interviews to film for my VIDEO BLOGS ...coming soon..


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Comic Book Men

Okay, they haven't mentioned Swamp Thing yet, but here's hoping...

It's Kevin Smith's goofy TVshow about the crew/friends populating Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash Comic Book Store - wow, that's a mouthful...
Part podcast/radio and part shoptalk, it features "goldmine" comic finds and some pretty snappy banter..

I love this show, and it's proving to be somewhat inspirational - this, combined with the Fire and Water Podcast will directly inform some work to come - My Show ...mooo hooo ha ha ha ha haaaaa...

It's genuinely funny full nerd embrace ...check it out.

Friday, March 16, 2012

WeIrD cOvEr Of ThE wEeK #eLeVeN

Noteworthy for the fact that it seems to be the single Swampy image in print by legendary UK genius, Brian Bolland..
..and it's not even his whole face ..sheesh..
I no longer have this one, but am finding myself oddly interested in reading it again. It takes place in what I call the "denouement" years after Alan Moore's phenomenal run. This is not to say that everything went downhill, buuuuut I do feel the book never found totally solid footing again.
'Til 2011 that is, but my renewed interest in this single issue stems from it's host of DC Silver/Bronze-Age guest stars..

Including Gorilla Grodd, Monsieur Mallah, The Brain ..and just about every ape character they've got - very cool, gotta reread this one.

Soooo wish Bolland had drawn just one whole issue..
but damn, if that isn't one weird/awesome cover.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Batman and Swamp Thing - BFF?

Our favorite muck-encrusted monster has met all sorts of DC characters over the years - the good, the bad, and the ugly..
but Batman seems to be the go-to guy for ol' Swampy, with many a meeting since the good 'ol seventies:

First Encounter: Swamp Thing #7 - This is one of the Wein/Wrightson issues so it goes without saying that it's a quality book for the pedigree alone, but Swampy's first encounter with Batman is a great jumping-on issue for Bat-fans - you'll love the Dark Knight's depiction, but you'll definitely want to find the six ST issues before this one.
Wicked single issue.

Second: The Brave and the Bold #122 - Fun one, but pretty disposable.

Third: The Brave and the Bold #176 - Another "fun" one, but noteworthy for the fact that Martin Pasko is the writer ...just honing his skills for 1982 when he'd do "Saga".

Fourth: Swamp Thing(SAGA series) #46 - Brief encounter, more to support CRISIS than tell a Swampy/Bats story.

Fifth: Swamp Thing(SAGA series) #53 - Now this is an encounter. Much like BSG in it's first two seasons, we have Swampy and Bats on two sides of one issue - with no obvious solution.

What makes the Batman say "uh-oh"?
I love that panel - with Moore writing and Tottleben drawing, this is a brilliant issue ...and definitely the roughest meeting of the two minds.

LOVE this cover.
Sixth: Swamp Thing(SAGA series) Annual #4 - Interesting story, lacking only for the Bissette/Tottleben superteam(they do one moody broody Batman..), with Swamp Thing helping Batsy - similar to DC Comics Presents #85, when ST helped Superman out of a jam, somewhat anonymously I seem to remember.

Seventh: Swamp Thing(SAGA series) Annual #5 - Batman and Swamp Thing seem to like Annuals quite a bit, or at least hanging out together in them - the extra space I guess..
Weird issue from Neil Gaiman featuring the return of Brother Geek - strange but cool, with a Batman cameo to boot.

Eighth: Batman #522 - Kind of a strange one-off with Killer Croc, Bats and Swampy in the everglades. I like Doug Moench's writing, but the art is the most interesting element - Kelley Jones was one of the few really cool things about 1990s comic books. I'm willing to bet he's a Wrightson fan too..

Ninth: I predict Batman will make an appearance in The New 52's Swamp Thing before #12 - good bet considering Scott Snyder writes both titles, and gotta say - he's knocking this fan's socks off, but I'll do a post on Mr.SS very soon.

Cheers, A.