Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Len Wein is Back!!

Well well well...

I was already pretty stoked for DC's CONVERGENCE, if only for the fact that it isn't the New 52.
Sorry - that sounded mighty negative ...instead I'll say that it will be wonderful to see a LEN WEIN Swamp Thing story again - that's right - THE CREATOR OF SWAMP THING HAS WRITTEN A NEW STORY.
It's been a long time, and having met the man I can say he's as nice a cat as you'd hope - humble, cool and funny - fact is, it's a dream to have him on Swampy again...

and just to put this in perspective...

Yes, it would be nice to have Bernie Wrightson back but in a nice allusion to his extraordinary style Kelley Jones will handle the art chores, and I couldn't think of a better "relief-pitcher".
The Return of Swamp Thing's Papa

Kelley's 1st ...not bad
This isn't his first time drawing Swampy but I bet it will be the best. Len Wein just seems to have that effect on people, and this "event" already seems to have a really good energy - there's a lot of anticipation and a lot of online chatter.

As a frustrated long term fan of this particular publishing company, I think they've lost a few of the old-time-readers with the ultra-confusing New 52 and Convergence may just be what DC comic fans really need right now.
I have no doubt this'll be a very enjoyable read - BIG thanks to those smart enough to bring it together.

Now, you go right out and get the latest issue of Swamp Thing so we can talk all about it.

But you'll have to wait a couple months for this issue - it'll be worth it.