Saturday, January 25, 2014

Swampy and the New 52 - Yay or Nay?

Well, it's been over 2 years since DC ripped up it's continuity and started everything over ..almost.

I got the impression at the time that DC had not really planned the New 52 as exhaustively as they should have, and two years in it feels like fact.
I'm really enjoying Swamp Thing as a monthly and as a comic book again - it was sad to watch so many artists and writers, in the various series since the 80's, trying to recapture that magic that had its day.

The book is a blast, but it's that damn continuity that messes it all up. Why is an Alec Holland SwampThing dealing with a young Jason Woodrue when Moore's Swamp Thing battled an older version 3 decades back?
Why did Batman, Green Lantern, Swampy and only a handful more KEEP their old continuity, when all of the supporting players would not?
My problem while reading these issues(and I'm about to sound like a codger) is that none of it makes any sense. DC's world is an effing disaster, and I finally can say that I wish they would scrap the New 52 - no offense to Swampy and the creators making the comic - I love it, and will continue to buy it - I just wish I knew what the hell DC is thinking - where is it going, and is there a solve?
Maybe we need another earth for continuity, or have DC simply abandoned the one thing they sooo embraced all these years?

We will see.
Sadly, my vote at this point is NAY.