Monday, November 12, 2012

Rumor Patrol: Guillermo Del Toro to visit the Bayou?

Could this happen?
I'm a huge Del Toro fan, even Mimic, and though it feels goofy to namedrop it feels somewhat appropriate to mention meeting him in New York a couple years back.

He was affable and warm - a Very cool guy - maybe the coolest film person yet(I've been lucky enough to meet a few)
but I digress..
when questioned recently about the possibility of his working on DC's "magic characters" his response was this:
"I've been discussing with the fans and I've been very, very open about how much "Swamp Thing" was key when I was a kid."
This is joyous news indeed.
Sadly, not serious news though. Only for the fact that most of these rumors stay just that, but I'd chop off my hand to see a genius like GDT tackle the Alan Moore stuff - just think of it...

I'll be paying close attention, Kids. 

..and oh yeah - he claims he WANTS you to send him your work, as he likes hiring talented fans - his words - NO JOKE..
How cool is that?