Saturday, August 11, 2012

VOLUMES of The Swamp Thing

TWO new collections debuted this week..

First half of New 52 Swampy's 1st Year...
RAISE THEM BONES, and they did.
Good to have Swampy as a fun DCU monthly again - good to have Abby back, and most cool - good to have Alec Holland back in there.

This book is far from perfect, but it's damn good and I'm damn happy about it. When "we" out here truly love a certain property, we can feel it from it's current caretakers, and Snyder/Paquette dig Swampy..
Nice review here on Goodreads.

DC has published this and Volume 2 just last week, and they're great for any of you who heard the new Swamp Thing title was really good, but still waited for some odd reason.

Go get 'em, and love 'em..

Then read the Wein and Wrightson stuff - TRUST ME.


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