Wednesday, August 1, 2012

REVIEW Swamp Thing #12 Oct//2012

Well well, a crossover.

This is my "pre-reading Animal Man #12" review for Swamp Thing #12, which is the second part of a crossover story between the two books, titled ROTWORLD.
Right off the top - have to say I like the Buddy Baker character, and the fact that damn good writing has elevated a very "B" level hero to a very appreciated place in the DC Universe - not unlike a certain green monster we know, and I suspect long time readers will feel this pairing's been a long time coming.

The story starts in the action, obviously having begun in Animal Man, and it stays pretty lively. Arcane is the nuisance I like, but I suspect I'll be missing Mister Moore's take on him simply for the fact that Arcane is best when written as a genius - smarter than the Swamp Thing but still undone by him. Anyway, the thought of his resurrection matching that of Alec Holland actually works with the history they have, and as an aside - it's nice to see Arcane biting things again - remember him biting Swampy in Hell?
Another irrelevant but fun touch is Swampy/Alec Holland's sense of humour - it's back, reminding me how tired characters who take themselves too seriously can get(ahem, Bats..).

It finally feels as though there's a fair bit going on and that's something this title needed. I found the first year of Swampy's new book felt very static - not enough happening, and not enough variation.

To be quite honest, I'm digging this "Rotworld" story, but more curious about what will be next after this arc. The art is a bit sloppy in this one, which also reminds me that I'd like to see an earthy arty team on the book again.

I'll pick up Animal Man tomorrow, and do this double review right.


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