Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Alec Holland/Swamp Thing - 40 Years in Continuity

It occurred to me recently, amidst thought of DC's Earth 2 coming soon, that Swamp Thing is one of the few DC characters who only has one timeline.
He didn't get rebooted with Crisis on Infinite Earths, nor did Infinite Crisis or the near-absolute reboot of the New 52 offer us a new Swampy ...verrrry interesting.
I think it strengthens the character immeasurably, and strongly suggests that his "cool" is unique - not subject to the whims of cultural change. The character currently being drawn and written for issues to come later this year is the same guy Alan Moore wrote about ...Len Wein wrote about ...all his changes and adventures having brought him to where he is now. I love that.

Boy, they weren't kidding ...and a very different comic mag it turned out to be.
This fall will mark 40 years since those two cats sat down and created my favorite fictional character, and I hope to follow him for 40 more.

Who else has just one thread thru 4 decades of DC Comics History



  1. This is actually an interesting point. It is true, however I feel he's been rebooted inside the title, and far more masterfully than the new 52. Usually this blogs just a gush-a-thon about how much you love the character, but you never actually show us why we should love him as much as you. If he has, in your eyes been left alone 40 years, why? You've clearly got more experience with the character than any of us, maybe you should demonstrate that knowledge of history, as I'm sure, most of us aren't up to the challenge of starting at the beginning. I can clearly see you love the character, but you should show us why we should too....

  2. EXCELLENT point, Boy on Bike..
    I think I'll start taking a far more in-depth approach to this - very good question..
    I'm gonna go start my answer.
    cheers, and thanks for the feedback