Monday, April 29, 2013

REVIEW: Swamp Thing #17 Apr//2013

this issue felt like a Marvel comic - not the recent stuff either - more like late '80s/'90s - heavy on action and dialogue and very "comic-book-y" in style, and certainly weird for Swamp Thing..
but I liked it, and not just because it's Swampy - no, it's fun, and really fun at that. As I read it I can feel that some of the earlier stuff with his new title was taking itself a bit too serious, but this doesn't - more of a rollercoaster than a "crafted-story" it's entertaining and Swamp Thing gets his own "End-of-the-World-Superhero" story - all good comic book characters have one.
It's essentially the end of the world at the hands of Anton Arcane the "Avatar of the Rot". This basically makes him the bad elemental to Swampy's good.

The whole concept is pretty cheesy, and too tidy for my liking buuut this issue is so action-packed and again sooo much a straight up comic book that it is honestly a really good read. The art's busy, and more superheroic than anything else, but it makes this issue work - cool cover.

I wish somebody would take Arcane back to the Un-Man Insect Arcane - I love that one - guess I'll have to bring him back when I write Swamp Thing someday.

I remember getting that issue over there - just something about those Tom Yeates covers too..
Number eighteen of Swamp Thing's adventures in the New 52 looks to be wild with the final battle and the fate of Arcane..
not to mention a death in the family, which might just be a good thing - sad for sure, but good for the book.



  1. Glad to see you're writing again! I don't think I've read this issue..

  2. Thanks, Pad
    Yeah, I'm all GA GA for Swamp Thing again for two reasons - the book is changing some elements again, and though it's not at all the Alan Moore style is damn fun reading these days.
    Second reason is the Steve Bissette connection - he's so cool it makes going back through 'em so much more fun.
    I'll have a review of #18 up very soon.