Tuesday, November 11, 2014

REVIEW: Swamp Thing #34 Oct//2014

"The Wolf and the Lady: Pt.2"

Really good issue, and(without ruining anything) a good wrap-up to that particular ongoing story I would call the "Lady Weeds" saga. It was great, and as I've been saying - the supporting cast is really strong and it's a smart way to be doing the comic.
This issue is gorgeous art-wise with a story that reads like a good movie. Action - love- death - and I did not see that end coming. Again - love Cappucine, and would love to see back-up stories in Swampy like they used to do with The Phantom Stranger way back. And boy can Javier Saiz ever draw Swamp Thing - really groovy facial expressions - excellent figures and heroic action that feels like Swamp Thing directed by Steven Spielberg or something - just a bloody good comic book. I will confess that I was sad to see a certain someone go ...such as it is when you start really liking the supporting players - ahh, well - I respect a writer with the balls to kill good characters.

It's been since Chester and Liz in the swamp that anyone has created a new world for the Swamp Thing that I've given a shit about. From the Moore days on too many writers have felt they needed to be messing with the character constantly and it is mighty refreshing to be reading actual storytelling again - I dig it.
This is another Charles Soule issue that feels like a comic book - a good comic book, which is strong art and a page-turner of a story. comic book character, not some deeply soulful demigod who loses his wife and child - ugh.
The '80s run had evolved into very much a Vertigo book with each subsequent offering just that much closer but, with the character having been definitively put back into the DCU as a "comic book", it is extremely fun to see him written as a
Soule isn't trying to emulate Alan Moore or redefine Swamp Thing - he's trying to entertain - to create some stories we've never read before and it is truly the best the comic has been in decades.


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