Friday, April 3, 2015


Comic Book Creator is a magazine about the men and women who make comic books - specifically, really really good comic books.
And this is a really really good issue.

It's an absolute goldmine of info about ALL of the comic book and magazine published swamp monsters over the years, but yeah - Swamp Thing is clearly #1, having had more than one extremely
strong run as a series, and an undeniable impact on the industry itself.

Lively new interviews with Len Wein, Bernie Wrightson, Alan Moore, Stephen Bissette, John Tottleben make this an absolutely irresistible read, and a treat for those of us who devoured every issue as it rolled out to the stands.

The book is gorgeous, and a must for any fan of the era, the characters or just plain good old fashioned creepy storytelling. It's filled with trivia, and a lot of new artwork too - if you know any Swamp Thing fans, I'd buy them this one.

I finally get a shot of Man-Thing and Swamp Thing together by Stephen Bissette, who is one cool cat, and another goldmine of groovy comic book knowledge.
Beautiful cover by Frank Cho, who should be commissioned to do a Swamp graphic novel - just saying...

Thanks to Jon B. Cooke and George Khoury, who had planned on publishing the book a few years back but waited. It was worth it, and I for one am extremely happy with it.


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