Sunday, April 12, 2015

Two Weirdos

Can't wait for this...
I'm obviously a Swamp Thing nut, but I grew up on Plastic Man - he's awesome, and an unchanged awesome - seriously, he's looked the same forever... and who doesn't love Brian Bolland's brilliant linework?

That cover design is nice too, with the portion of flat grey behind - very similar to the cover designs of Swamp Thing's original '70s run. It's an interesting thing and I notice it now and again - current comic book artists using styles and touches from comic books of wayyy back. Nice.

I'll have to do a post on the wide and wild variations of Swamp Things "Style and Appearance" by different artists over the years. He's been drawn by some amazing people who never drew the comic itself - Bolland, Gulacy, Adams, Cho, Hembeck...
I just love covers like this one - and it is always nice to see the lesser known DC characters hanging out together. My problem with the company is that they seem to have forgotten FUN, but this issue and a lot of what is being done in CONVERGENCE seems to be about something other than "grim n gritty" which I just can't stand.

Sadly, as I've talked about before, I think the New 52 is a total loss, but I am finally looking forward to some DC comics again...


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