Sunday, January 1, 2012

'82 to '12

Pretty big fan of ol' Nineteen Eighty Two - Good year in film, TV, and comic books..
But this is the place to celebrate all things Swampy.. this..

..and so many other random adventures in the DCU..
Well, I gotta track 'em all down again, and dive right in this year.

I'd like to start my short films about Swampy soon - take scenes from comics - just have some fun...
The Lab Explosion is the one I really want to create on film - we will see.

And on a different note: Jose Luis Garcia Lopez is THE artist of that era, and my favorite for the generic DC look of the '70's. I just love his figure design  ➤➤➤
No one looks grim n gritty, though I suspect Flash is about to..


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