Sunday, January 8, 2012

Swamp Thing vs. Zombies?

Zombies scare me.
Always have - and Swampy of the '80's fought plenty but this Frank Cho shot just plain rocks.

As I've stated, can't get enough of different artists interpretations - I like these clean lines - Bo and Scott Hampton did some similar work back in SAGA pre-Moore - two cool issues.

Funny though - some of the "Greats" of the industry couldn't get him quite right - George Perez, Dave Gibbons..

But it all goes back to that original look...
I always wondered what motivated Mr.Wrightson in creating that face - the missing nose, and the bridge down around the mouth - been lots of interesting variations on it (the best being Bissette and Tottleben) but it's just a cool look - it works.

Artists clearly enjoy interpreting the character.                              
Thanks for my "look", Berni..


  1. I always assumed the flesh burned off and the plant followed the remaining bone. But now that you mention it - that doesn't really make sense (or his whole body'd look like that)..did he ever fight a vampire?

  2. Fight a Vampire?
    Ohhh, you wait - the ROSEWOOD post is coming..
    ..and soon.