Friday, January 6, 2012

Weird Cover of the Week

I'd almost forgotten about this issue of The Brave and the Bold from wayyy back, but it's brought to mind with the return of Swampy to the mainstream DC Universe.
This was a really good idea - he was lost in Vertigo for too long with artists and writers trying to be Alan Moore Part Two - not going to happen, but this radical return to the world of superheroes reminds one that Swampy's place in the DCU has always been Super-connected to the "Big Guns" so to speak.

I can't wait for for team-up adventures with ..well, Alec Holland now I guess - AWESOME.

Now, this Kaluta cover - this brings back memories - I was a teenager and obsessed with finding every appearance he made - tough to pick between Bats and Supes for his best meetings..

One thing I got into pretty quick was the variation from artist to artist of his look - I can't remember Jim Aparo's take inside(I presume it's him) but I'll be searching out these issues(he appears twice in B 'n' B) immediately, starting with this one right here.

I bet it smells fantastic - the new paper never gets a cool smell.

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