Friday, January 27, 2012

Weird Cover of the Week #4

This photo cover is a favorite of mine for a few good reasons: photo cover art
It was my first glimpse of "Film Swamp Thing" annnnd...

The Letters Column - called Swamp Thing's in this particular DC title. Issue #6 has a letter from a fan proclaiming his amazement at the "genius" of this cover artist.

The gang at DC simply left a space after the letter where a response might have been...
I can imagine the responses - "Should we tell him? ...nahhh.."
Looove that - great laugh for this little teenager.

Down below is the oldest one that came to mind, but there's a nice Firestorm one in the early '80's too..

Looking at it now, I'm wondering what is going on..
Is that the JFK motorcade? Weeiiirrrd, I think I'll have to find a reprint or something ..maybe a Namor collection - gotta see the inside of that one.

Fury of Firestorm #10 has a cool one too - fuck, I love comic books.


  1. I remember you getting me to read that comment in a family car in Lloyd's driveway..
    This blog is a trip down memory lane, or a slip down swamp lane...

  2. ha haaa..
    I always enjoy your memories of our shared experiences, Bro..