Monday, January 9, 2012

Solomon Grundy - Born on a..

And back to that DC Presents issue again - it's a really fun little slice of the silver age, and it's got Swamp Thing up against Solomon Grundy - c'mon? ..that's awesome.

Now, what I have to do is track down this issue and check out who did all the work.
I think those are Murphy Anderson pencils, but not sure..

Yet another example of Swampy's changing look in the hands of sooo many artists - Love it, I does..

But this would only be Meeting #1 - the next being Swamp Thing #67 in the '80's..

Which didn't go nearly as well..
I will note though, that that looks like the HULK again..
but hey, green monsters have to stick together don't they?

You should go right over and read DC Comics Presents #8..


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